Effects Of Masks on Children.



(note: I am prefacing this as an opinion in order to discuss some of my personal thoughts on the matter, but as you can check for yourself I use official government sources, and medical sources to explain some of my reasoning. It is possible to use facts and evidence to form an opinion, which is what I’ve attempted to here. Thanks!)

(Effects of masks on children)

Emotional/mental /psychological abuse

Educators must undertake mandatory, regular training on protecting children. The following information is directly from the Victorian Government mandatory training obligation module.

These are what the Victorian Government describes as emotional abuse.

Some things that stood out to me was repeatedly rejected, isolated and frightened… “persistent coldness” it talks about cumulative harm from repeated emotional abuse. Children can be overly compliant, anti-social, poor social skills, lack of positive social contact etc. Remember this when it comes to socially isolating children in any form. Here it talks about harm that can significantly damage the children’s emotional development.

It also makes it clear that ALL STAFF have a duty of care to children, and should make a report if they form a reasonable belief that abuse is occurring, and, as we’ll see in a minute, are mandatory reporters, which means they could face serious consequences if they don’t report the abuse).

Here’s what they recommend about how to form a reasonable belief of abuse:

Based on what we saw as some elements of emotional abuse, a reasonable belief would be if a person is more inclined to accept rather than to reject the idea that they are contemplating. It is not the responsibility of staff to determine whether child abuse has occurred. All they need is a stronger belief that there is abuse happening than the belief that there is no abuse.

Remember that staff have a responsibility by law to protect children from abuse.

Educators have a responsibility to protect children from harm

This is important for parents to be aware of. This clearly states that all concerns about the well being of a child should be taken seriously (remember this if you complain to a teacher about your child suffering as a result of wearing a mask, we’ll come back to this more soon…)

-side note, keep in mind it also refers to an unborn child. This is interesting if you compare the Victorian Governments abortion laws.
Now keep in mind this encourages staff that if a child’s immediate safety is NOT compromised, if there is concern for the child’s well-being, or your concerns have a low to moderate risk on the impact on the child.

Parents need to be aware that staff are required and trained to take reports of abuse, even minor reports, seriously.

If you want to know whether or not a mask if having ill-effects on your child’s well-being and their learning ability, it might be handy to acquire or borrow one of these Oximeters. I’ve ordered one myself. What they do is measure the oxygen saturation in the blood (or how much oxygen there is in the blood).

You can ask to put it on their finger and compare their oxygen levels while doing certain activities with or without a mask. If there is enough of a reduction of oxygen in their blood while wearing a mask, this can affect their concentration, their alertness, their memory, their emotions, and their general well-being.

Research shows that there are many effects of oxygen deprivation in the brain. There’s a term for this, it’s called Hypoxia. We’ll cover more on this shortly.


Physical abuse:

Here are some indicators of what the Victorian Government considers to be physical abuse.

I’d like to point out that it mentions effects of poisoning and internal injuries. Remember oxygen deprivation can cause neuron death in the brain.

I know this is clearly a stretch, and I’m just raising it as a thought or question, but if physical pain can be considered as something that injures or destroys tissue in the body, and oxygen deprivation can cause tissue damage, wouldn’t a child wearing a mask be at least able to possibly be considered a type of physical pain? If so could this also be construed as physical abuse?

Let’s listen to a medical practitioner: 

Diana Meeks, family practitioner, on behalf of Sigma Nursing writes: “Physical pain is what most people refer to when they say something hurts on their body and is associated with damage to tissues of their body


Lack of oxygen is associated with tissue damage. Here are a few articles on the intentional deprivation of oxygen to cancer cells



“ Even after a short (15–20 min) episode of hypoxia, neural necrosis will rapidly ensue within 6 h, and damaged cells will continue to die from apoptosis for 24–48 h26.”

In other words, oxygen deprivation can cause death of cells (in this case cancer cells) which can be associated with physical pain, and can definitely cause mental and other issues.



“Another significant cause of brain injury is a lack of oxygen to the brain. Known as anoxic brain injuries or hypoxic brain injuries, these afflictions result from oxygen deprivation that lasts more than a few minutes.”

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygenated blood from the lungs through the body’s cardiovascular system and venous systems to the brain and the rest of the body.

“Brain cells are very sensitive to a lack of oxygen. Some brain cells start dying less than 5 minutes after their oxygen supply disappears. As a result, brain hypoxia can rapidly cause severe brain damage or death.”

(https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001435.htm )

“anoxic brain injuries occur when the brain is totally deprived of oxygen due to sudden cardiac arrest, choking, strangulation, and other sudden injuries. Hypoxic brain injuries occur when the brain receives less oxygen than it needs, but is not completely deprived of oxygen. Because the effects of the two injuries are similar, many brain experts use the terms interchangeably.

The brain represents just 2% of a person’s body weight, yet it uses about 20% of the body’s oxygen supply. Without it, the brain can’t perform even the most basic functions. The brain relies on glucose to power the neurons that control everything from conscious functions like planning and thought to automatic, unconscious processes like managing heart rate and digestion.

Without oxygen, the brain’s cells cannot metabolize glucose, and therefore cannot convert glucose into energy.

When your brain is deprived of oxygen, then, the ultimate cause of brain death is inadequate energy to power the brain’s cells.”

Now, in an education setting, you want children to be as alert and switched on as possible. If you are depriving children of the energy their brains need to focus, they are going to struggle a lot more to learn.

So, in summary. It is at least a possibility that masks themselves can cause oxygen deprivation and cell death. Which could be thought of as physical abuse. The entire mask culture can produce the elements leading to emotional abuse such as isolation, name calling, coldness, exclusion, etc. These are from official mandatory training modules from the Victorian government education department. They also clearly say that teachers are obligated to report types of abuses. One must ask, how likely would a person be to report themselves or their fellow staff when they might be the only one to speak out?

Would you be happy with your children being put through all of this? I would encourage people to research this information themselves, and to think about what their children might be experiencing at school, and if you are concerned, to make some enquiries.

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