The First Pillar of Society – God


The first pillar of society – God.


Areas of discussion to debunk:

Before continuing. You must be prepared to accept 2 premises:

1. To properly understand or contend with an idea, you must first accurately represent it. In other words, no strawmen, no distractions, no misinterpretations or fallacies. No flying spaghetti monsters

2.The nature of things that exist. A) things exist whether or not you say or believe that they exist or don’t exist. B) Things don’t exist whether you say or believe that they do or don’t exist.

Many people who don’t acknowledge God’s existence either haven’t looked into it, or haven’t even remotely considered God’s nature in the slightest.

“Special Pleading”

If God exists eternally, created all things, time, space, matter, then God exists OUTSIDE of it. He is not bound by the laws WITHIN it (that he created. For example I’ve created a few board games. The characters in the board games can only move around the board after the player rolls the dice, and can only move what the dice says they can move.
I, as the creator of these games, can move freely. I CAN however submit myself to those rules if I want to. Also if I ONLY existed within 1 game, then I couldn’t create other games. So I as the creator can create everything because I am OUTSIDE of the things I create.
So God, who exists outside of the laws He created, isn’t bound by any laws, as He created them. That’s perfectly logical. BUT people say “Well how did God get there?” or “Who created God?” both these questions ARE special pleading, and also misleading. IF God was created, then God wouldn’t be God. The thing that created Him would be. If God didn’t exist eternally, if God “came into being” somehow, then God is NOT an eternal being.
So, if an ETERNAL GOD that exists OUTSIDE of everything, by definition CANNOT be bound to any rules, laws, etc. People try to put God in a box and then ask why God doesn’t act in a way that God doesn’t act. Well, this is a self-defeating statement.

Suppose a friend comes to you and says that they don’t believe that fish swim in water.
Then suppose that friend says that they’ll ONLY believe fish swim in water if they see them flying in the sky.
Then suppose the friend says if they see fish swimming in water, they just won’t believe it. What they are telling you is that they aren’t interested in the truth. They are just trying to distract you.

They are also distracting from the fact that evolution is special pleading. Billions of years, and things coming out of nowhere, and complex things happening naturally over time doesn’t happen in reality.

Also compare what Christians believe Atheists believe v what Atheists believe Christians believe

People who acknowledge God’s existent are either Dumb Ignorant or Evil

Christians believe an uncreated, eternal, all powerful God who created everything, including all the laws of nature, gravity, light, time and space etc, therefore exists outside of His created laws etc.
(eg me creating board games)

Atheists believe that there is no God.

Christians believe that atheists believe that there is no God

Atheists believe that Christians believe in a sky daddy, and imaginary friend, a flying spaghetti monster, a created god . (insert memes, clips etc)

Why is there such a big difference between the two? Because when one idea comes up against a better idea, it can either fine tune itself to become a better idea, or misdirect, distract, avoid the better idea.

Go through Bible verses, test the spirits, always be ready to give an answer 1 pet 3:15 etc

Anti God agenda

Jesus comes to give freedom to all, which is a threat to those who wish to control and manipulate people

Christians at the head of freeing slaves, building hospitals, feeding the poor etc

The famous chef example.
Chef creates a phenomenal new burger that is instantly worldwide popular. Someone who owns a small restaurant) steals the recipe and claims it as his own…
After a while he realises “wait I can use cheaper tomatoes and save more money, I don’t know why the famous chef never did this, I must be smarter than the chef”

Eventually the same thing happens to other ingredients. Eventually customers start complaining that the burger isn’t the same.  The recipe thief can’t change things back now, it would cost too much. People start leaving and not coming back. The recipe thief had no understanding of why each ingredient was used, and why the chef designed it that way. The recipe thief had no understanding except  very surface level understanding of the burger. Only the chef had full knowledge and understanding of why it was so good.
By taking the ingredients from God and claiming it as our own, they can very easily be replaced over time, and sometimes, it may be too late to undo the damamge.

How to stop the idea of God. And Jesus’ message

  1. Killing doesn’t work (Saul, Paul, many of the other Jesus Freaks, and people around the world beheaded or silenced for their beliefs). You can’t kill truth
  2. Promote other “religions” to attempt to water down the message

Now lets’ look at real things v cheap knock offs.
Pokemon, Money, etc

One thing you notice. Those who understand or are familiar with those things will know the real from fakes.
Those who don’t understand or who have not enough knowledge or understanding on the thing, won’t be able to tell the real from the fakes.

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