How we work?

For every debunked article/headline/quote etc (which I will be mainly focusing on things that are black and white 100% disprovable) I will be awarding 1 “debunked” point to the ‘journalist’ or writer who wrote the article, headline or quote.

For every debunked article an organisation has on their website (even if it’s the same article in more than one section) that organisation will be awarded with 1 “debunk” point. Which means that every writer’s points also get added to their organisation’s points, and every time that same or similar article is posted on the website, that will add another point. In summary it goes like this: Organisations debunked points = debunked articles within the site or organisation + debunked articles of the writers within that organisation. And that number will be a constantly growing number, the higher the number, the less reliable and trustworthy they actually are.

It’s still a work in progress, and I will be working on improving it as I go, but I’m hoping that eventually I’ll have an accurate system in place for people to be able to make informed choices about the news they consume. I’ll be more than happy to accept feedback along the way, as this is an idea that is in the construction process, and I’m happy to receive any criticism that helps this site, and this system to become something really useful and insightful to all. Thanks for your time, and remember – Question everything!