In this section we will look at the ways that the legacy media manipulate things to spread fear/propaganda/to get views. You can make up your own mind after checking it all out.

Media Manipulation

Years ago, at an old job I was working. We were on our tea break time, and I was waiting in line to make myself a hot milo. My friend who was behind me was cheekily annoying me, poking me prodding me, attempting to tickle me etc. while I kept telling him to stop. Then, when it was my turn to make my drink (a hot Milo) I was starting to get annoyed at being poked and prodded while trying to fill up my mug.
I turned around in an attempt to get him to stop, and went to pretend to swing my mug at him as if I was gonna throw it, but something happened and it flew out of my hand (I’m glad he shielded his face!) and the mug hit him, shattered and grains of Milo went everywhere. It made a loud noise as the pieces hit the ground, which made everyone turn and look. Then they started saying “Why did you throw your mug at him you idiot?!” “That was a stupid thing to do!” “What do you think you’re doing, you lunatic?!” etc. Not a single person asked what happened. Not a single person saw what went on before that, the noise suddenly got their attention, and then they became “experts” on the situation, without knowing anything except what they thought they saw.
I was just as shocked as everyone else was (including my friend), but people were accusing me of throwing my mug at him (something I would never do!) So I held up my hand to show everyone that the handle of the mug was still in it, and called out “LOOK! I didn’t throw it! I’m still holding the handle!” Amidst groans and people saying “Oh you still shouldn’t have done it” I (and more specifically HE) was just unlucky that somehow, right at that time, my mugs handle just happened to break. I felt terrible when I saw what happened, and worse that everyone thought that I threw my mug at him. He was not happy with me, but later he was in good humour once he realised what happened. He even said “typical Dave, weird things always happen to you!”

This is unfortunately how the media works. They need to get your attention with a sudden sensational headline, image etc, and then when they have your emotional reaction, they can say whatever they want, knowing that a lot of people won’t bother to check any further, or question what they are saying. After all, they have shown you the evidence. The headline and the picture. Everyone heard, and saw the broken mug shatter, they can quickly put 2 and 2 together, case closed! It was an emotional moment, and unexpected thing to happen all of a sudden. People were engaged in their conversations, or newspapers or phones checking their text messages etc. They weren’t going to spend much time checking the details.

This is something we need to work on. Even trusted sources can get things wrong from time to time, on top of that, there is a lot of media manipulation that we need to be aware of in order to discover the truth.

So just remember, whenever you see or hear something sensational, at least question what is true and what isn’t. Check other sources, cross reference, look at the credentials and the record of the organisations who are reporting the details and make your own mind up. Don’t let others dictate to you the “facts”. Be an informed critic. Question Everything.

Here is an example of a variety of different techniques used in one parody. Throughout this section, we will be discussing in detail, each of the specific ways that the media can manipulate your views and ideas, without you even realising. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more aware you can be to see these tricks, and to arm yourself with knowledge against it.

Many people are waking up to the lies and manipulation in the media, and it’s time that we all learn the tricks for ourselves: