Putting The Majors Last



In short, the plan is to put the major parties last and the freedom friendly minor parties first.

If you’ve had enough of the segregation, the discrimination, the violation of privacy and human rights, the police violence, the legacy media smears, the ostracising of friends and family, and the unlawful dismissal of people who don’t want to be experimented on brought on by the major parties in power, this is your opportunity to have a chance to fix it!
The brilliant thing about this plan to put the majors last is that all the independents and minor parties who wouldn’t usually agree on too many things, can now unite in support of Topher Fields plan to put the majors last, and put the freedom friendly minor parties first. The major parties are what put us in this mess, and it’s time for a change. You may have heard it said that a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result, well here’s our chance to try something new!
Just remember:

We’re putting the majors last!

We’re putting the majors last!

We don’t even need ’em,

Let’s take back our freedom,

We’re putting the majors last!

We’re putting the minors first

Cos we have been through the worst!

We just wont forget this

No, we won’t regret it

We’re putting the minors first

(to the tune of “Popeye The Sailor Man”)


The problem:

Have you ever been terminated for the reason that you were terminated?
One thing they forgot to mention was The Disability Discrimination Act, but make no mistake about it, they are admitting to violating their own policies, the Privacy Act, Human Rights, The Nuremberg Code, and the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia. Further, they are also violating consent.
Tell me, can you be arrested or charged with doing something lawful? So not only does vicpol condone this violence, the anti corruption body that is meant to keep it in check, also supports it.
Ask yourself if you are ok with journalists being
thrown on the ground for no reason, and then
being smeared by other “journalists”
Under the major parties governance, social media posts can get you arrested if you’re a pregnant mum, but if you are violently head stomping civilians, or ganging up on and choking young girls, that’s perfectly legal.

This is the type of police brutality that has been enforced under Dan Andrews government, and that ScoMo has been ok with. This will only get worse:

And what does Dan Andrews and the labour government/major parties have to say about police acting violently towards people, and arresting pregnant ladies for social media posts? That they aren’t just doing a good job, but an OUTSTANDING JOB.
When the government doesn’t respect your privacy and can send armed, uniformed men into your house to terrorise you, that’s when something has to change
Do you want to live in a segregated society?
If you’re not happy treating people like they are unclean, and having people you know and love being treated that way, then it’s time to put the major parties last

If you’re not ok with being ruled by pedophiles and pedophile protectors then it’s time to do something about it, and put the major parties, who have been allowing this to happen, last, and restore power to the people.

the Wood Royal Commission, 10 years on

If you’re not ok with the AFP under the major parties using military weapons against innocent protestors then now is your chance to do something about it.



If you don’t enjoy being tracked, and having your online content taken from you, or changed to incriminate you, as in the bill that the major parties passed called the Identify and Disrupt Bill and I quote: “to introduce data disruption warrants to enable the Australian Federal Police (the AFP) and the ACIC to disrupt data by modifying, adding, copying or deleting data in order to frustrate the commission of serious offences online {Remember, like a facebook post}…by permitting access to the devices… to take over a persons online account”


Or if you’re not ok with people being arrested for their faith as in this Australian pastor being arrested for running a church and doing good for society, or police ganging up on peaceful protestors on their way home:
Which by the way is against our Constitutional rights in Australia:

Section 116 of The Commonwealth Constitution of Australia


The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.


Through all this, just picture if this was you in any of these situations, would you be happy being treated this way?

It’s so good to see many people coming together to protest these disgusting actions.
The people united, we wont be divided!

The plan:

We’re putting the majors last!
We’re putting the majors last!
We don’t even need ’em,
Let’s take back our freedom,
We’re putting the majors last!

They’re colluding together
(may have been forever!)
While we have been unaware
We’ll beat them,
We’ll stop them,
And stay on top of ’em
So they don’t go nowhere

They just don’t care,
And we’re sick of this
It’s time that we all took a stand
Don’t want to stay captive
It’s time to get active
And come be a part of this plan

We’re putting the minors first
Cos we have been through the worst!
We won’t ever forget this,
No, we won’t regret this
We’re putting the minors first

We’re putting the majors last
We’re coming together  fast
The people united,
we won’t be divided
We’re putting the majors last!

We’re putting the majors last!
Please help us to broadcast!
They’ll try to diminish,
We’ll see it to finish,
We’re putting the majors last!

(to the tune of “Popeye The Sailor Man”)

Who supports it (or at least has positively spoken about it):

Just so people know how big this movement is, and how fed up Australians are with the major parties

Australia One:


the GAP:


The World Freedom Alliance:

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The Shooters Union of Australia:


Joel Jammal:



Peter Harris AFP


One Nation:


Australian Federal Party:


There’s even a Reddit page about it:

Topher Fields (of course)

Rebel News:


Proof that the powers that be are getting scared:


If you want to know more about the possible issues that can happen to influence elections, check out my parody here:


My Personal Preferences (and why)

My friend Chris put together some information about each party, which he is still working on, and has done a thorough job on each one, which can be checked out here:


More information:


Put the sitting member last: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttPgZNOmEPA

Avi and Rukshan: https://mobile.twitter.com/OzraeliAvi/status/1524340205183901696

Derryn Hinch supports lockdowns: https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/state-of-emergency-must-be-extended-but-it-s-no-blank-cheque-for-andrews-20200825-p55p6v.html

Young Global leaders:


Sanjeev for Menzies:




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